About Us

Dr. Dan H. Roberts

1982 Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, University of North Texas

1983 Licensed to practice psychology by the State of Texas

1985 Certified Health Service Provider in Psychology

Professional Affiliations

Capital Area Psychological Association

Texas Psychological Association

National Academy of Neuropsychology  


Dr. Roberts has evaluated and treated a broad range of psychological conditions in both hospital and outpatient clinics. These include depression, bipolar disorder, psychoses, anxiety, marital and other relationship problems, grief, insomnia, post traumatic stress, ADHD, child and adolescent behavior problems, substance abuse, phobias, developmental disorders, dementia, and others.


Counseling or psychotherapy is a process of making changes in behavior, thought, or emotion with a goal of improving your quality of life. This is done through communication guided by therapeutic principles and techniques. It may include individual, family, couples therapy, or hypnosis. Psychological treatment is drug free. If you take medicine, Dr. Roberts may consult with your physician to coordinate your psychological and medical treatment.