Please schedule by calling 512-669-2799 between 8 and 5 on Monday through Friday. We will email the necessary office paperwork to you so that you can print and complete the forms prior to your visit. That way you can use the entire time allotted for your visit with Dr. Roberts. Please bring identification and your insurance cards with you (if you plan to have Medicare claims filed). 


Our standard fees are:

Initial/Intake Session                                       $155

Psychotherapy or Consultation                        $120 per 45 minutes, $150 per hour

A standard fee for service arrangement allows for greater privacy and confidentiality of your records. If we file a claim for you, the insurance companies all require us to provide information to them about you, including your diagnosis, type of treatment, dates of treatment, etc. Occasionally in order to agree to pay for services an insurance company may ask for copies of reports, progress notes, etc. Once this information is sent to the insurance company, we have no control over how it is used or stored.


We accept assignment of benefits only for Medicare Part B and your Medicare Supplement plan (for outpatient services), but not for Medicare Advantage Plans offered by commercial insurance companies (such as United, BCBS, etc.)

Dr. Roberts also sees patients with other non-HMO insurance coverage, but higher deductibles and higher co-payments may apply for out of network services. If you choose to use another insurance company we will provide you with a "superbill" that shows all the information you need to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Check your plan for benefits and exclusions. Generally, insurance companies refuse to cover services that they consider not medically necessary. A fee for service arrangement will be offered for any services that are needed, but denied or refused by your insurance plan.